Performance and Student Opinion

In this section you will find some of Anthony's results from official student surveys and Humber College Administration. A sampling of student comments can also be found.

Comparison Statistics

The following table summarizes results of Student Faculty Questionaire Surveys administered at Humber College. The first row represents Anthony's average score across all courses during each semester. The second row represents the average of all School of Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty at Humber College. The third row respresent the average score for all faculty at Humber College. The scale is from 0 to 5 up until Fall 2018 - where the scale is 0 to 4.

  Winter 2017 Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Fall 2018 (scale changed: 0 to 4) Winter 2019 (scale changed: 0 to 4)
Anthony's Mean
LAS Mean
Humber Mean

Associate Dean Comments

"Simply brilliant in the classroom. Well organized and prepared. He used hands on activities, Beamer Presentations, tablet and in-class worksheets to guide the class through the very challenging world of technical, business and calculus courses."

"Anthony’s SFQ ratings reflect his experience as a teacher as well as his abilities as an educator. Students consistently rate him as one of the top teachers in the department and this is reflected in his SFQ ratings. Even with new course preparations assigned to Anthony, his level of delivery is always in the top of the SFQ ranking."

"Your love for math is infectious; you are the kind of math teacher I wish I had when I was a student."

Student Comment Samples

  • He is one of the best professors of all time because he will explain everything and never gets irritated even if you ask him multiple times. Grading system is quite good and exam papers are always according to the syllabus. Also, he is available on emails and never fails to give you reply. You will not just pass instead you will score high.
  • Professor was well prepared and easy to understand. The notes on Blackboard were awesome!
  • TMTH204 was taught with a very high degree of detail and professionalism. Anthony expressed concern for all students and ensured everyone's sucess.
  • I think the course could be slightly improved by including a few more examples.
  • I like the way the teacher explains theory. He makes sure we understand before moving on.
  • Great Teacher! He teaches very nicely and clearly. He clearly loves math.
  • Your enthusiasm and willingness to teach and solve problems is excellent.
  • Excellent presentations for each class. Also, how many professor can actually talk math? Anthony can. Very effective teacher. Defines things clearly and also provides supplemental notes, which are very helpful.
  • It is nice to have a professor that is passionate and enthusiastic about his field. The professor was detailed and went further to show why certain equations were true. The professor made the course a lot more interesting than professors who just read off the board.